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Can you easily setup profitable Facebook ads effectively with just your Smartphone?

Yes! Discover the new easiest and fastest way to generate tons of high-quality leads/customers and explode your sales with just your Smartphone.

Not having a laptop is no longer a barrier… This is your shortcut.

 Attention: Online Marketers, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, And New Skills Seekers…

From The Desk of: Christian Omeje

Subject: “Your Smartphone is enough”

Dear Friend,

If you want to learn the Simplest and Fastest way to run high-converting Facebook and Instagram Ads.


To begin generating hundreds (if not thousands) of leads that turn into massive sales for you or your clients….



Then read this page to the end. 

Are you struggling to get quality leads from your Facebook ads who never convert to sales or probably you are battling with not being able to run ads effectively.


Because you do not have a laptop and don’t know the right way to do it with your smartphone to get amazing results.


Let me take a guess…


…You have ran countless ads only for it to turn out as if you just wasted your hard earned money, but you keep seeing other people’s ads everyday.


And you begin to question why yours is different…

So here is the fact, to increase your sales as a business owner or entrepreneur you need to leverage on a system that has been tested to work over time.


And like we all know in this technology era, digital advertising is the fastest way to reach out to people quickly and easily.


But the issue is that most people do not know how to effectively plug into this system.


While the few who have tested it have had their own fair share of bad results and I’m guessing you have had yours experience too.

But, what if all of that can be fixed in a snap so you can restore back the joy of doing your business without stress.


So before I reveal how you can change the narrative you need to know this…

The Truth About Facebook Ads…

It is no longer news that Facebook is the largest social media network on earth with over 2.9billion monthly active users.


Instagram has about 1.3 billion monthly active users.


By combining these two platform business owners and entrepreneurs like you.


Now have easy access to showcase their products or services to a bunch of targeted audiences through paid ads. 


But hey! It doesn’t sound easy, right?


Let’s simplify it.


Yeah! It is quite unfortunate that most people tried to perform the task of using paid ads for their business and have failed.


Some even hired others to do the job for them but still didn’t get the desired results. 


And that’s because there is more to it than you could ever imagine. 


Just in case you are still wondering why I am saying all these, I have been there too.


I have also tasted the froggy part of it. 


I remember about 4years ago when I started running Facebook ads.


All I could do was click on the BOOST button, put in some huge amount of money.


And go to bed with a smile on my face thinking Facebook would do the magic for me.


But it wasn’t like that, you know. 


It always ended in tears and disappointment. 


I wouldn’t only spend money without getting valid results.


But I was also constantly getting banned from one account to another without any signal or warning.


And the most annoying part was when i was constantly being debited from my ATM card even when i wasn’t running any ad.


It was becoming a nightmare.

The significant incident that hit so me badly.


Which prompted me to search for an ending solution was the day my precious laptop crashed while working on a client’s project.


In a blink of an eye it completely went off. 


At first, I thought it was just a mere fluctuation issue that needed little rebooting attention.


But after I tried every possible means to bring it back on that night and couldn’t.


Fear quickly gripped me.


all that was running through my head was how I was about to lose the money my client already paid me.


The next day i had to quickly take it for repairs.


But to my greatest surprise, I was told that the laptop had crashed finally and could not be fixed. 


My inner spirit sighed ‘my village people are after me


And that’s because this happened right at the time I was working on the ad of one of my best clients as at then. 


That was one of the biggest blows of my business life.


 At first, I was spending huge money on ads without getting my desired results, getting banned by Facebook.


And just when I thought I had started  to get the best of myself in the Facebook Ad game, my precious laptop was gone. 


Omo, no be juju be that


So i vigorously started figuring out ways to tackle this issue.


Thank God for me my very close friend Adamson had a laptop so i began to borrow it for a while to complete my clients jobs before i could get another one for myself.


But i was always limited because my friend also needed to use his laptop.


To cut the story short, it wasn’t that easy for me at all. 


These pains and challenges  triggered in me the concept and desire to create a plan B for times when a laptop isn’t accessible for ads.

That is, creating a guide that helps you not only get amazing results.


But also use what you have to run a cost-effective ad from the comfort of your zone anytime, anyday, and anywhere.


Your business can only get better with Facebook ads.


From estimation, 90% of social media users access it through their smartphones.


And 70% can’t even afford to buy a laptop/PC especially here in Africa.


So does it mean that they cannot reach out to their target audience through Facebook and Instagram ads?


Or does this mean that you should be leaving a lot of money on the table just because you simply have no laptop to run ads?


Yes, that was then! 

But, not anymore! 


The solution is right here knocking at your door.


Smartphone Facebook Ads Antidote.

Finally…a PROVEN…step-by-step system to generate super high-quality leads and explode your sales with Facebook and Instagram Ads using just your smartphone.

In this Smartphone Facebook Ads Antidote Course.


You will learn the exact step-by-step guide with top-notch video tutorials.


On how to run effective high converting Facebook and Instagram ads for yourself or your client.


To generate high-quality  lots of leads and increase your sales just like MADAKI

You ALSO Get Access to the Laptop/PC Version of the Course (100% FREE)


 I have simplified this course to fitting for any business that you do. so this is for you if you are an…

As far as your goal is to reach out to a more targeted audience online.


The Smartphone Facebook Ads Antidote answers it all! 

Sales are like the oxygen that keeps a business alive, and quality leads are the food that salespeople need to keep them going.


But how then can your business survive if it doesn’t have the oxygen it requires, the truth is…

You Are Not Alone.

I Know How FREAKING TOUGH and FRUSTRATING  Facebook Ads  Can Be…

And I believe that’s why you’re here today…

Imagine being charged 557naira per lead and most of these leads end up not buying into what your offer.


And the worst of all my ad account were being banned to the extent I almost gave up on Facebook ads,


That was how frustrated I was, You can see my previous poor result here.

But after discovering the Sniper Targeting Technique [STT] and Attraction Booster Ad Creative System.


 I began to get leads at a ridiculously unbelievable 18naira cost per lead, and converting them to 10x my sales.

In order to be sure that this wasn’t just a fluke I had to test it out on various new campaigns.


And the end results were mind blowing, you can see a few of them yourself…

Getting results like this is very possible. All you need is the proven strategies behind how to pull it off.

That’s why I have packaged all I have done to get these amazing results countless times into this course for you to learn and implement to start skyrocketing your OWN business too!


Just like I mentioned, the major reason I created this course is to help people struggling to set up profitable ads that leads to sales.


So I have taken my time and energy to put up what will smoothen your learning curve.

And to show you that i have implemented the strategies i thought, here is a proof of when i did over N1Million in commission in my Affiliate Marketing business in just few months

I used the techniques taught in the smartphone Facebook Ads Antidote course to generate hundreds of high quality leads and convert a portion of them into sales.


You will also learn these techniques as part of the course.

This isn’t just a course.


It’s a master class and support system designed to take you by the hand.


And teach you the principles and strategies needed to start running high-converting Facebook and Instagram Ads with just your smartphone. 


Each lesson will leave you with an easy-to-follow action step so you can practically implement what you’ve learned.


No guesswork, Just follow the roadmap.


And much more amazing hacks for you to skyrocket your business.

Price goes up as soon as the timer on this page goes to zero.

What Are Others Already Saying About ‘Smartphone Facebook Ads Antidote?

I call him the Ad lord...

I call him the Ad lord...

 – Samuel Kobi [CEO, Kobi Pets Stores]

I have become better than i used to be after i got the course.

I have become better than i used to be after i got the course.

 – Abraham Ozil [Google My Business Expert]

This will definitely boost your sales.

This will definitely boost your sales.

 – Collins Romanus [Ceo – Collin Trading Academy]

When it comes to running ads that converts, I give it all to CHRISTAIN, his course has made smartphone advert very easy, that's why i do recommend THE SMARTPHONE FACEBOOK ADS ANTIDOTE course to my Internet marketing students. Don't think twice, get his course and increase sales in your business.
Tobi Preye
Top Affiliate Marketer
Talking about running ads on Facebook and getting quality leads Christian is excellent at it. He knows the perfect objectives and how to get you your interest based audience from the millions of Facebook users. I do not only use him to run ads for me, I also send many of my affiliate marketing students to him whenever they want to run ads on Facebook.
Oluwaseun Alademehin
Affiliate Marketer

As You Can See…
Smartphone Facebook Ads Antidote Has Already Helped Countless People and Businesse… Yours is next

If you’re ready to…

🎉 Start generating 100s of quality leads daily that converts to sales.


🎉 See a bigger return on investment from your from your Ads.


🎉 Build a solid framework that consistently floods in tons of new customers daily to 10x your sales and


🎉 Learn how to do all of this effectively with just your smartphone anytime, anywhere.


Then Smartphone Facebook Ads Antidotes is for you!

What You will be learning in the sfaa course.

In this module you will learn the basics of Facebook Ads and why it’s very essential for the growth of any business. 

I will be guiding you through the necessary step-ups you need put in place to get you ready for launching successful Facebook ads campaigns. 

Even as a newbie after this module you would fully understand how to navigate the Facebook Ads system.

In this module you will learn how to pay for Facebook ads the right way without any hassle. 

I will be teaching you how to pay for your ads using any Nigerian ATM card, even if its a verve card and also how to seamlessly pay for your Ads even if you operate a dollar ad account.

You don’t have to go through the pains of declined cards and payment method everything has been fixed for you in this module.

In this module I will be teaching you how to set up the perfect Facebook Ad campaign using the best Objective that best suit your kind of business.

In this module I will be walking you through how the Facebook audience targeting works and how to use it effectively to generate amazing results for your Ads.

I will be revealing my Sniper Targeting and Reverse Targeting Techniques that have been used overtime to pull in massive results for me, my clients and students Ads campaign. 

All you just need to do is master it and implement it on your campaigns too.

You will also learn how to discover hidden interests that only a handful of people running Facebook ads know and learn how to spy on your competitors ads so you can create a much better campaign.

In this module you will learn specially how to generate 100s of high quality leads daily that transcends to sales as an affiliate or course creator.

This is a framework I have used personally to do over 5million in sales as an affiliate and a course creator.

I used this same Framework on my real estate client campaign which enabled them to sell multiple properties within a short period and I will be breaking it down for you to learn and implement in your own campaigns too.

This is guaranteed to fill your funnel with tons of leads.

In this module you will learn how to create high quality and captivating Ads creatives that would cause a scroll stop when people stumble upon your Ads.

You will learn how to do this using Premium Apps which I will be showing you how to get for free.

I will also reveal how you can get quality stock images and videos you can use for your Ad creatives.

In this module you will learn how to

1. Bulletproof your ad account from the Facebook Ads ban

2. Recover disabled Facebook Ad accounts & pages.

3. The Secret Method Of Accumulating Multiple Ad Accounts and Business Managers.,

In this module you will learn…

1. The elements of a high-converting landing page.

2. Creating a high converting landing page like a pro. (Scratch method)

3. Setting up Email marketing systems to boost your business growth.

In this module you will learn i will showing you how to run Facebook ads the right way for your business niche specifically.

I have been privileged to run ads for various business both physical and online and i will be doing a case study breakdown on the effective way to run ads for your business regardless if its online or offline.

This is a module you really don’t want miss out on.

In this module you will learn how to

1. Decoding the Facebook Ads Manager

2. Modernize page posts with Facebook creator studio

3.  Find hot winning Ecommerce products to advertise.

And More…


BONUS 1 – Full Access To The PC Version of The Facebook Ads Antidote .

[Value – 30,000]

BONUS 2 – Access To My Whatsapp Marketing and Automation Blueprint

[Value – 10,000]

BONUS 3 – Access To My Smartphone Video Editing and Graphics Design Crash Course.

[Value – 15,000]

BONUS 4 – Access To Premium Apps For creating Professional Videos and Designs for your ads.

[Value – 35,000]

BONUS 5 – Access to over 20 salespage templates to model from to create yours.

[Value – 10,000]

BONUS 6 – Exclusive Access To My Private Support Community.

[Value – Priceless]

After going through this course:

✅ You will not only be skilled at creating profitable Ads, you will have also mastered of doing it effortlessly without guess work.


✅ You would be able to launch campaigns all from your smartphone without even having to hop on to a laptop for any set up.


✅ You will be able to scale up your business to the next level using the proven Ads scaling strategies you have learnt in the course.

So do you think it will be a fair deal if I charge #100,000 Naira for this course and all the bonuses?


If I decide to charge you N100,000 Naira, for this, it definitely worth it and even way more than that.


But guess what?


You would not be paying 100,000 Naira.


My goal is to help you, so you have nothing to be afraid of.


I won’t even charge you half of it. (50,000 naira)


I know what’s running through your mind right, so if i will won’t be charging that so…


How much is the SFAA course?


From all the value you would be getting in the course as stated above, to get this course is supposed to cost you 100,000 Naira.


That’s the total worth of everything you are getting when you get the SFAA course today.


But because my aim is to help every business grow in this deteriorating economic state of Nigeria.


I won’t even be charging 30,000 Naira, which is the common average price you can get for a Facebook Ads course that’s offers value of this sort out there in the general digital space.

It will cost you just N15,000 to get the SFAA course and all the bonuses today.

So before you complain that #15,000 is too much, let me remind that your business growth is solely dependent on the right choices and action you take.


If you can’t sacrifice #15,000 to get access to the blueprint that can cause a drastic 10X to your sales then you might probably just stop reading here, exist this page and go continue struggling to make it workout for you.


Still here?…. Well that means you’re serious about leveling up your business.

But there is a catch.


The price goes up to 25k soon and that can be anytime.


So act fast and get all the bonuses.


Click the button below to get started today.


As a seasoned Facebook Ads expert with over four years of experience, I have helped numerous businesses and individuals achieve their goals and scale up their operations.


My deep understanding of the Facebook Ads platform allows me to create effective campaigns that drive real results.


Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or boost sales, I have the skills and expertise and I want to teach you how to do the same for yourself or your clients.


My track record of success speaks for itself, and I am confident in my ability to help your business thrive.


Some of the companies I have had the pleasure of working with include Kobi Pets Stores, a leading pet supplies retailer and Elpistis Homes a renowned Real estate company in Lagos and i have also worked with many small businesses and online entrepreneurs.


I trained over 500 people on Facebook Ads and this an opportunity to also help you to take your business to the next level with Ads that convert to sales.

I have also been recommended by many individuals for my expertise

Here Is The Summary Of What You Are Getting:

🔥 The Smartphone Facebook Ads Antidote Program. 

[Value – 20,000]


🔥 Full Access To The PC Version of The Facebook Ads Antidote .

[Value – 30,000]


🔥 Access To My Whatsapp Marketing and Automation Blueprint. 

[Value – 10,000]

🔥 Access To My Smartphone Video Editing and Graphics Design Crash Course.

[Value – 15,000]


Premium Apps For creating Professional Videos and Designs for your ads. [Value – 35,000]

Access to over 20 salespage templates to model from to create yours.

[Value – 10,000]


🔥 Exclusive Access To My Private Support Community.

[Value – Priceless]


🔥 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

[Value – Priceless]

🔥 The Smartphone Facebook Ads Antidote Program.  [Value – 20,000]

🔥 Full Access To The PC Version of The Facebook Ads Antidote . [Value – 30,000]

🔥 Access To My Whatsapp Marketing and Automation Blueprint.  [Value – 10,000]

🔥 Access To My Smartphone Video Editing and Graphics Design Crash Course. [Value – 15,000]

🔥 Premium Apps For creating Professional Videos and Designs for your ads. [Value – 35,000]

Access to over 20 salespage templates to model from to create yours. [Value – 10,000]

🔥 Exclusive Access To My Private Support Community. [Value – Priceless]

🔥 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. [Value – Priceless]



Secure Your Copy Now, This Life Changing Opportunity Will Expire Soon, It May Not Be Available Again At This Discounted Price With All The Bonuses.


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is SFAA and what is it about?


It’s a digital course that teaches how to effectively setup profitable Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Is a laptop required in order to implement the SFAA course?

No, You can use any smartphone to complete the course. Alternatively, if you have a laptop, you can use it to apply the skills and knowledge you have gained from the course.

Upon completing this course, will I be able to run ads for a client?

Yes, Upon completion of the SFFA course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to begin running ads for clients and earning additional income for yourself.

How will i get access to this course?

Immediately you pay, you’ll receive an email containing your login details.


Will I receive additional support after purchasing the course?

Certainly, you will have access to a support community for the course, allowing you to receive additional support as you progress through the material.

Try out this course for 30 days with no risk.

I am  so confident in the effectiveness of this course that’s why i am offering a 30-days risk period.

If you are not completely satisfied with the course within the first 30 days, you can request a full refund and keep all of the materials and bonuses.

I want you to feel secure in your investment, so i am  taking on all the risk so you don’t have to.

Take this opportunity to empower yourself and try the course with no risk.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the course as you grab it.

Christian Omeje

More Testimonials From The Program.

Christian Omeje is the person i go to whenever i want to do anything Ads.

Christian Omeje is the person i go to whenever i want to do anything Ads.

 – Solomon David [Ceo – Sodavy Solutions]

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